Hiding what I can

March 10, 2008

secret 3

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I run from money-related responsibilities forced upon me…

That goes for being a treasurer and anything similar to me holding money that does not belong to me and will never belong to me. I don’t understand why people make me the treasurer! Like the last English play, I was money collector and it turned out there were debts that had to be paid yet there were no more people to collect the money from. I wanted to run away and hide… I want to avoid and ignore the continuous text messages concerning the 1k+ that needed to be paid (and they refuse to accept the reason that no one could pay for it and that I couldn’t pay for it). Our director even hid from it. Why can’t I?
Hmm.. I shouldn’t have agreed in the first place. Oh wait, I shouldn’t have listened to our director about the list of materials needed to be bought only to find out that they were all for naught. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to budget money.. But given the responsibility to collect money (especially when I don’t have the skill of force) is hard. Why can’t people accept the limit of a person?

Human Beings are not powerful entities… well, not so much. Humans are given limits and they can only play a specific role one at a time. When humans are given the chance to become leaders, they forget their limits and start pushing towards that end of the tunnel that they claim they call ‘success’. They even force other humans to become leaders, forgetting that they have limits too – limits that can’t be pushed to the edge.
I say we will not forget our limits. There exists a thin line between sanity and insanity. Just one push, and I could be on the other side. And returning to where I cam from is something no one can do easily… ask the patients in the psychiatric wards. They know what I’m talking about.


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