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May 9, 2008

secret 9

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often, if not always, break self-made promises and schedules…

Everything that I planned this summer didn’t happen. Drawings, Tailoring, Writing, Playing and stuff didn’t happen. For once, instead of developing my art skills, my father took away our monitor for long periods of time hindering me from using photoshop and internet. Also, instead of writing to continue my stories in FF.net, I noticed the lack of story and character development that it brought me depression and writer’s block. Aha! I was suppose to go tailoring but then I got caught up in so many errands (pay the bills), involvement, problems (with RISEN, with self) plus brown-outs, rain and unannounced surprises (like the wedding thing).
Sadly, even after all this complaint, I don’t mind most of the distraction (specifically errands and involvement because it gives me a reason to meet up with friends and that’s most probably why there are problems emerged). However, I hate it when I’m being tricked into doing something that I honestly don’t like and will avoid if possible. Well, I didn’t talk to my father about the English Play incident so that’s why he didn’t think twice in placing me on the job of documenting. On second thought, this had nothing to do with money-related responsibilities (although there is a big amount at stake) but it eats up my time when I’m suppose to be preparing for Catechism. That’s also an unexpected plan on my part.
I did plan on going to Gawad Kalinga (I’m still waiting for their call) to sponsor a child via SAGIP but I didn’t plan on teaching catechism at Nazareno for Flores de Mayo. Not that I mind…

People are unpredictable creations of God… and God is also unpredictable in so many ways. Although the bible would provide enough information for a man to know God, physical words are still not enough to explain his power over Fate/Destiny/Hitsuzen. As what Gil reminded me, God’s delays are not God’s denials. And I always believe that God always answers to our prayers, even ‘NO’ is an answer but that only meant that something greater is meant for you.


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