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May 20, 2008

Case 6: CDOtaku Character Profile

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For the CDOtaku Manga Project

Picture: *will be post soon when scanned*

Alias: Hikari

CDOtaku manga

Height: 5 ft
Weight: 100 pounds (too light)
Age: 16 yrs old
Occupation: College Student, Cheerdancer
Course: Unknown
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Fruit: Apple
Favorite Drink: Mango

Background: Hikari is not her real name but a name given to her by someone who goes by the name Messenger. (Her real name will never be revealed in the series/manga)
She is a cheerleader with a light body that makes her great for acrobatic performances.
Her past is vaguely expressed throughout the series but is never revealed.

It is known that she lives in a dorm near the college she attends and that her education is funded by a relative that ‘she often visits during summer’.

Hikari fights supernatural with her alter ego in the ‘Inverse World’ (a world of black and white). When in the colored world (normal world), she regularly communicates with her alter ego resulting of her looking like she’s talking to herself by others’ point of view.

She starts learning of her alter ego’s existence when she first got a text message from a mysterious site. The message contains information about certain abnormalities regarding paranormals and it is her alter ego’s mission to either investigate or assassinate.

Misc. info: Hikari never reveals her name to the Messenger or to any other people (except family and classmates). She only tells them to call her ‘Hikari’.

Hikari likes to sew goth-looking dolls as a way to relieve stress. She also likes to wear black-colored earrings and various necklaces.

Although Hikari’s room looks dim and depressed (and often associated to a room inhabited by Emo or Goth people), her attitude resembles more of a loli, extrovert, fun-loving, bright-colored character than a lolitagoth, introvert, solitude-loving, dark-colored character.

Picture: *will be post soon when scanned*

Alias: Kage

CDOtaku manga

Height: 5 ft
Weight: 100 pounds (too light)
Age: 16 yrs old
Occupation: Paranormal Assassin

Background: Kage is not her real name but a name given to her by someone who goes by the name Messenger. She is the alter ego of Hikari and exists only in the ‘Inverse world’ although there are times when she mentally converses with Hikari in the colored world.

She is the one doing the assassination/investigation of paranormal abnormalities whenever they are in the ‘Inverse world’. Her weapon is that of a large death scythe with bells attached to it. Hikari only assists her by watching out her ‘blind’ side.

It is not known how Kage existed (or how long she was aware) within Hikari but she once said ‘Every nice guy has a bad side inside them’. However, Hikari only knew of Kage’s existence after she received a mysterious text message. Kage is the one doing the missions despite Hikari’s reluctance saying that ‘this is her job and she must do it’ leacing no other explanation than that. It is not said that Kage knows anything about the mysterious site that gives them these missions or that Hikari has any idea of Kage knowing anything of it.

Misc. info: Kage is the total opposite of Hikari. Although there are not many opportunities to know her more, it is shown that Kage is withdrawn (wanting to be alone than to be with anyone), indifferent and violently psychotic.

> so far, chapter 1 is finished and I am now making chapter 2. There will special character appearances and stuff from other CDOtaku’s manga.


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