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May 20, 2008

secret 10

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I finally made the CDOtaku manga I promised months ago…

Some CDOtaku people (headed by Scarlet) decided to make a manga. The following wall of text is the proposal of NontensityScarlet (currently known as Car Crash Racer).

Hello fellow otakus, After several considerations and thinking,I would like to get your opinions regarding an official Cdotaku Manga.

Yes,It should be a real manga, with real manga content and real manga format.
Consider: We have a lot of mangakas in the making and talented fanfic writers.
And yes,if it pushes through, it will be done by Cdotaku members and the story will revolve around cdotaku members.

The original plan was:

In order to maintain a fictional story that will pass as a form of literature without having limitations in the part and contribution rights of some members (e.g. out of towners), I was thinking along the lines of having you people upload works of prose or even manga pages about your characters a.k.a. your animates selves. This will be the most crucial part since we will be starting from scratch, and your character data sheets will literally be our “scratch”.

We can then discuss continuity and plottings using the boards or ym conferences(a la editorial meetings) once each member is comfortable with his or her submitted character prose/manga info sheet. (Whichever works for you)

We could also have a poll regarding the story settings, other minor details and on the overview, the over-all genre.

Let me know what you think.

~ From the CDOtaku Thread: CDOtaku Manga Project.

The original plot line was that this should be similar to Eto rangers only that it involves CDOtaku threads and stuff. >_>

Anyways, I can’t post any more spoilers.


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