Hiding what I can

May 20, 2008

secret 11

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I am exhausted and I hate (but not to the point of fury) May surprises…

Now, this is about the wedding thing I talked about. Well, not entirely about that but it did made a big impression on me.
My father told me one day that I was going to accompany him documenting a wedding. On the day, he said I’ll be documenting it alone. O.O Of course, I was so shocked because I have no idea how to video-document any kind of ceremonies starting from the preparations to the receptions and it’s not like any ceremony, IT’S A WEDDING CEREMONY! This only happen once in a lifetime (if one will stay faithful, that is) so this shouldn’t be documented by a total amateur. I hate it when my father managed to trick me (but I hate it more if I let myself be fooled by compliments and whiny tones and guilt). But since it was too late to back out (money involved here), I did the whole painstakingly amateurishly documentation and endured days of sleepless nights (for the edit and burning). In the end, they didn’t like the output. Ahahaha! Why would they like the output of a total amateur? I couldn’t say they deserved it because I believed it was my father’s fault and they’re just part of his scheming plot (despite the things I say about him, I still love my father). Oh well, I did what I can do although I didn’t give it my best because I did not do it willingly.

Another May surprise is the Catechism. I don’t hate this at all but I don’t like the people involved in it (the teachers, not entirely the students). Ate D is an old NYO (Nazareno Youth Organization, a youth org of our church: Jesus Nazareno Parish) member and has been a catechist for a long time (despite the tell-tales of the youngins how they don’t want her attending class). She’s scary, in a way and her goal is not for the children to understand but for the children to be able to answer the Quiz Bee at the end of the May. Sad to say, that somehow became my ‘shadow goal’ when suddenly I’m the only remaining catechist left. ~_~
Good thing the students (ranging from 4 to 12) don’t hate me. 😀 And somehow (even though it’s a bit shallow) I try to let them understand the stories in the bible. ~_~ GOD! Please help me and guide me even though I’m a lazy teacher. T_T

Yes, I’m exhausted and reaching my limit. KKP wants me back, RISEN 8 wants me with them… But GOD is still important. Serving His church is the first thing to do. May I be able to serve Him to my and His heart’s content. And may I stop complaining.


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