Hiding what I can

May 23, 2008

To you, my dear friend…

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I know you’ve been broken-hearted recently
you and your girl friend decided to break-up

And it’s not the first time I’ve seen you cry
there was that time with your first ex

But I’ve never seen you loose that much (although still so little) control
you cried on my shoulder although you’d rather bang your head on the wall

Even though it was a public place, I heed to your request
you asked to kiss me in an internet cafe and I said ‘yes’ but only because I know the type of person you are

I know I should not have even when you said “It was to compare”
I’m not her and your feelings for me are different, how could you expect it to be the same?

I’m not mad when you said it’s ‘not the same’ because it will never be the same
you love her like a wife while you love me like a child

But to tell you the truth, it’s not right
to still pretend that it no longer exists when both of you are still acting that it still exists

In the end, you’ll turn up like them
on and off, on and off, loosing self-respect and the respect others have

I know you’re different from them
your love is not corrupt you’re a gentleman while she’s a lady (while they are demons trying to be angels)

But both of you should have distance and time to reflect, to think
how can the separation be final when none of you are separated

Both of you need time to think about it and decide
maybe it’s not a break-up, the fire just went dim but the sparks are still there! You just need to feed it

Why don’t you talk about it? Ask each other what’s wrong
the best solution to everything (EVERYTHING) is to talk it out

And then maybe (it’s pitiful to say ‘maybe’ but that’s all I can offer) both (BOTH) of you will know the conclusion of this momentary illusion.

What I say is not to offend but it is not to offer encouragements. It is so that CLOSURE (closure is what they need, what they avoid, what they don’t understand) would be eminent (crystal clear) and to avoid childish (I say this is childish, your actions are childish, her actions are childish) antics and misunderstandings.

We (because there are so many of us) love you and her (you’re probably still pretending to avoid questions and answers and drama and pity comments and those stuff that are lies even though they are suppose to give comfort but how could they be comforting when they don’t understand? They are not in YOUR shoes). We are hurt by your masks but the ones who suffer most are both of you (it sounds cliché and repetitive but it is only so because no one listens). We don’t want you to suffer. You don’t want her to suffer. She doesn’t want you to suffer. You don’t want to suffer.

Talk it out, have some distance, stay away for a while, then decide.

I know you won’t listen, you won’t do, you won’t act but this is all I have to say because lying to you brings you (and her) no where.

And that’s all I have to say.


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