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October 10, 2008

secret 16

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It’s the semestral break and I’m not confident with my work… I’m also updating my online life…

It looks like Friendster blog took up the style of wordpress… Imagine my shock.

Because I haven’t been posting there for a long time, I decided to place a visit and what a long time indeed… or maybe friendster blog has always been like this and I’m just gone for too long to remember. O_O

Sememstral Break has come and the dreaded wait before the release of grades has also come. I don’t feel positively confident with my performance this semester but I pray that I am able to salvage what’s left of me~!! D:
I pray that my scholarship won’t disappear but if it will, it’s totally my fault for not keeping up but I am praying and I did good with my final exams lately… but final exams are not the only basis for the grading system. sheesh.

But before I mourn (if failed) or rejoice (if not) on my grades, I will make use of the waiting time to update and revisit my online world/diaries/blogs etc. So let’s see, because of StumbleUpon, I have encountered lots of blogging sites and of the like so I had acquired  9 blogging sites: 8 old and 1 new. Lewl… So I only found 1 with StumbleUpon. <_<

I am also hoping to update my online works and revisit my DA which I keep on avoiding because of too many broken promises and my old works are taunting me to trash them D: I WANT TO TRASH THEM!! That thought makes me want to make a new DA account but let’s see if I have the patience. I am not avoiding my fanfiction and own fiction works despite my lack of attention on them. hahah.. I will get back on those soon. Hm… maybe when I finally understand livejournal and get it to change into the theme I want (even though I’m only a free user with limited access to features), I can get the peace of mind to continue my works.

That’s all for now. GOD speed and more power.

*cross posting this everywhere but written in slightly different versions per blog*


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