Hiding what I can

October 11, 2008

Te Amo ex animo

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*copied and pasted from CDOtaku’s Original Poetry Thread. The poem is still made by me.*
A comment about falling in love. Trying to hit nothing in particular but I’m not holding back either. This is not for that person whoever would like to tattle tale. >_>  rather, this is for everyone… now onward to the freakin’ poem-ish thingy

When you look into her eyes,
what do you expect to see?
Do you expect to see her soul?
Or just do it because of its beauty?

Do you listen to her stories
when she talks about her friends?
Or do you listen to her voice
and its rhythmic melody?

What do you gain by walking her home
Amidst the fact she will never be yours?
Do you wish to gain her trust
or something much more?

What do you gain by waiting for her
and hearing her say words that she tells everyone?
Would you think it’s more valuable when she says it to you
Even though its scripted and half-true?

Can you tell you’re in love when you two have a lot in common?
Can you tell you’re in love when you have nothing but feeling?
Can you tell you’re in love because she fits the perfect description?
Can you tell you’re in love when you’ve never felt like this before?

Why do you look at her eyes when she averts them?
Why do you listen to her voice when it’s less than a whisper?
Why do you walk her to the person she longs after?
Why do you wait when she has another?

Are you satisfied with saying ‘I love you’ in different languages
because you know she would never understand them?
Are you satisfied to lie and live it
because you know she likes that topic?
Are you satisfied to hide behind stacks of books
because you know you’ll see her but she’ll never see you?

Then what do you expect when you look into her eyes
And when you listen to her talk
And when you both simultaneously stride?

Do you wish to gain her trust?
Or building up facts to continue this lie?

And let’s give this a title and may it be “Te Amo ex animo”. A mock dedication to someone out there because he needs this badly *nods nods* Forgive my sarcasm, Lord. And to remind, he is not that person.

And to those who have answers, please do tell

Originally made this because of unexplained anger yet after a few clarifications and heartbreaks (of course, it’s not me), I’m starting to feel guilty. YET, I can’t tear down this poem. Hahahah. GOD Bless him.


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