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November 28, 2008

secret 18

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XU Days will start next week (from December 3 to 6). Prelims week happens the week after that and another week after that will be the start of Christmas Break. Classes will then resume by January 5, 2009.

Okay, I was writing a blog in my PC earlier when suddenly the browser restarted and since multiply has no auto-save feature, the long rant I planned to post disappeared just like that. Who would not be furious at that? So I opened up my laptop and began writing here. Good thing I had a laptop. Thank you very much tita!! *starts tears of joy*

So I will rant here while my PC is busy scanning itself for any possible viruses. And I don’t care if no one would bother reading this. It makes no difference to me because this is my stress reliever… writing to myself, that is.

Back on my first thought, I say one month is not enough to prepare oneself for the Prelims especially when it happens a week after a big event. It is a given fact that everyone should celebrate XU Days. It’s like Last Supper… having a grand feast before the execution. It’s not a good thought, really. Especially when a certain majors teacher gives us a hundred-slide powerpoint presentation to read during the week before Prelims.

There’s no use complaining, eh?

Let’s go to the next topic, XU Days. This year would celebrate not only the 75th year of Xavier University but anime fan’s day. Cosplay, Fan art, Games. This will be a big year for CDOtaku although not the first one. This would also be my third year in CDOtaku and I’m glad to say that I have now been given the priviledge to handle the Naruto PS3 Tournament.

Speaking in the line of competitions, I have plans in spending half of my break in joining XStop‘s Lyrics Interpretation Contest. Let me see if I can interpret well. >:D

Now let’s talk about Christmas Break. As usual, I’ll be spending one day with my sister. We call it Sister’s day and we’ve been doing it for 4 years. Freakin’ sister likes an i-pod for Christmas. DX However, we did agree to split the money for it so it’s not that bad on my part. We might be going to Vienna Cafe in Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro. I’ve been there before with kazumi and I don’t actually like the place, neither am I sure that my sister will also like it BUT it would be fun going into a fancy restaurant with her. Honestly, it’s fun going anywhere with her because she’s my sister and I love her…. no matter how much I may deny it. >8D

Let’s end the mushy stuff there and I guess it’s time to end this rant. I want to continue to write my stories but inspiration is running away from me. Putting things on hiatus can’t go on anymore, though. I want manga and fanfiction to update faster because it makes me sad not being able to read continuations of my favorite stories. DX I also want to continue to play the piano (AND I WILL)… and I need to call Natasha for my free clothes. 8D


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