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December 11, 2008

secret 19

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I joined XU Days…

Last December 3-6 2008 was our school’s, Xavier University, celebration. Popularly known as XU Days, the celebration was to commemorate the death anniversary of St. Francis Xavier although most students forgot why they celebrate XU Days in the first place. As the years past, XU Days had become less of St. Francis Xavier and more of students showing off their talents and booths.

Not that I’m any better… The online community I joined in, CDOtaku Online Anime Community, reserved a room (STC 305) to show off our otaku-ness. Seems like I’m also part of the majority. ~_~

Fan art, Cosplay, Naruto PS2 tournament, Melty Blood tournament, Guitar Hero, Anime Film Fest, Anime Music Galore were the activities held. Too bad the merchandise didn’t come on time so the Admins and Mods decided to concentrate on the activities.

There were two parts in the Fan art contest. The first part was held on Dec 4 and was open only for XU Students. My friend, Beja, won the first place while Roca placed second. The second part was on Dec 6 and it was open for all. I anticipated this because firstofsummer and Kring2x joined. I am a fan of their work (especially firstofsummer’s fanfictions). The second one actually had a theme: action pose with material weapon. Of course, firstofsummer bagged the first prize while Kring2x bagged the second. I deleted my sister’s pictures of their art because my sis had a shaky hand. :F

The cosplay was the main attraction of the booth. It was a succesful one at it because we didn’t expect that there will be as many guest cosplayers as CDOtaku cosplayers. More newbies for the community… hope the old ones won’t scare them away. My sister took pictures of the cosplayers and their in a multiply album open only to my contacts. Again, CONTACTS and not network. I’m doing this because I grabbed some pics and some people doesn’t want their faces to be seen. More pictures are available here and here. The latter is also private.

I cosplayed as Nana Osaki from Nana.Oh yeah, I was also in charge of the Naruto Tournament (although I was very late on the second day ~__~” )

Nana Osaki of Black Stones (Nana)

Oh yeah! My favorite picture is this:

That’s my friend cosplaying as Anna Kyouyama of Shaman King. XD Don’t worry, we always do that.

As for the closing, my sister bought an mp3 player and I’m currently borrowing it. Bwahaha~ and I like the new layout of wordpress dashboard. cool.


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