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December 31, 2008

secret 21

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…. people’s emotions are easily manipulated…

I’ve always believed that.

Sometimes when a person admits liking towards you, you don’t immediately react to it. That happens especially when you just noticed that person’s existence on the moment of confession. So when the impact of the confession finally sinks in, you realized that “Hey. That’s the first time someone confessed something to me like that” and you get all blushy and suddenly, you felt you also have a liking towards that person.

But then it’s a little too late. You already busted that person. Of course, you didn’t realized it but that person probably thinks that you did. So you tried your best getting his attention back (taking a little help from friends, of course) but after the ‘busted part’, you didn’t notice that person was being close with another person.

Well, they’ve been close a while back since they’re always together due to some school things but you can’t help notice that they’re closer than before despite that other person’s obliviousness.

Then what? Just because you put that person off means that person can give up on you? No more fights and all? So the feelings that person felt for you wasn’t real because it’s that easy to change to another partner? It’s that how fickle emotions are?

… people’s emotions are easily manipulated…

I’ve always believe that.

I also believe that there is a “it’s too late” concept.

~ something I learned from Toradora


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